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Crystals Generate Voltage

Ever hear a clicking sound when your gas stove turns on?

The arm or lever within the stove strikes a piezoelectric crystal to produce a flame. The sound we hear is the arm striking the crystal, in turn generating a flame that ignites the stove. 

NOTE: Piezoelectric (Pai-zow-uh-lek-trick)


Iron at its purest form is known to only exist naturally from fallen meteorites.


“Every living thing on earth vibrates at its own level with its own sound, determined by the velocity of its frequency.”

E=MC^2 [energy equals mass times light squared]

E = MC^2

  • Energy = Mass times light
  • Energy and mass are interchangeable according to Einstein’s equation Theory of Special Relativity. 

Uses of the word “energy”: batteries, how to power something, feeling down, reference to higher beings. 


The source of life on Earth and the most fundamental energy particle, light.

The Ozone

Before the ozone layer was formed Earth was only able to sustain single and very simple multi-cellular life. Once the ozone layer was formed, Earth was able to sustain complex multi-cellular life.

Examples of complex multi-cellular life:
– Plants
– Animals
– Human Beings

The Human Body

Iron, a natural mineral found both in the Earth and within the human body.


There are over 300,000 discovered plants on Earth and humans eat about 200 of them.

Human Cells

A single zygote, aka the union of an egg and sperm, ultimately forms the human body and its complex systems.

Vibrational Beings

All organisms on this planet communicate primarily through vibrations.

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